About Us


Behold the music industry is trying to adjust to a revolution, caused by technology evolution. It is now easier to create, duplicate, and distribute CD’s in a cost effective manner. The playing field is starting to level off giving independent companies a chance to enjoy monetary success. However the next wave of independents are coming across as hustlers, and not businessmen. Therefore, as major labels limit signing new acts, and independents lack the business mindset, thus the climate is right for IRON HORSE MUSIC

Our Vision:

IRON HORSE MUSIC refuses to create carbon copy artists that have different names yet have styles like the others. IRON HORSE MUSIC shall only work with artists with drive, vision and have the gift to touch minds & entertain.

Why Iron Horse Music:

IRON HORSE MUSIC will be a driving force to help expose underground artists to the world. IRON HORSE MUSIC will function similar to other labels in the regard we will work to promote the artists through every means possible including radio, in stores, video clip etc., however the principal nature of IRON HORSE MUSIC will be to groom, nurture, and develop artists for the next level. The best analogy that represents our goals is like a minor league baseball team. Without bias we will recruit the best prospects throughout the land and help to develop their talents in areas including style, performance, and production. IRON HORSE MUSIC will utilize all efforts to make our artists successful, however most artists need to hone their skills, and gain popularity. Some might disagree on our platform, but we shall stand firm and work hard with up and coming artists, and if they leave us for a better deal, then we succeeded growing something special from our meager pond. 

What makes IRONHORSEMUSIC.net different?

IRONHORSEMUSIC.net is not a brand new concept. We are not re-inventing the wheel. IRONHORSEMUSIC.net is merely adding, enhancing, and improving a medium that will be the standard for the future. What sets us apart at this point is our willingness and drive to promote our artists, other artists, and independent labels to the fullest. That doesn’t mean million dollar videos, fully wrapped buses etc., It takes going back to the grassroots hand to hand, word of mouth promotion. The Internet has made this world smaller. Years ago independent labels could only sell CD’s in their local area.
Today we can reach listeners worldwide. IRONHORSEMUSIC.net has a growing database of e-mails addresses of, hip-hop friendly business, and industry executives that we will actively promote to. We will also send out postcards, do magazine ads, and other promotion material, however everything will be cost effective.

IRONHORSEMUSIC.net is looking for those on our level; if you believe in what were doing, and you have what it takes contact us.