EXIT 21: First stop to the next movement!

Roosevelt, NY located in the Long Island region of the Big Apple is like any other urban hub where it’s easy to struggle, hard to get out, and the dream to play ball, or be a rapper seems like the only vehicle towards a better life. Young artists are misguided believing all you need is a bunch of 16 bar verses, and a rough background to become the next hot rapper. This is a business! Artists must have an open mind when it comes to making a song, doing shows, or even engaging the public. Success can be short lived, or long, and prosperous depending on the vision of the artist. Exit 21 has the skill, and the vision to become a vital part of the music industry, now and till the future.

Exit 21 is a collaborative effort between four dynamic individuals with a vast amount music experience. Collectively they have scores of experience as producers, DJ’s, rappers, and studio engineers. There are many successful artists that develop groups that are friends that happen to rhyme. The members of Exit 21 not only have a tight friend ship but, they are deep competitive nature. “We challenge each other all the time” explains Realize. “Forget being your own worst critic, you will get ripped apart if you have a concept that doesn’t make sense, if a true friend can’t tell you things, who will”. Everyone down with Exit 21 are accomplished rappers with there own unique flow plus they bring more to the table. Before Realize became a rapper he was introduced to music by playing several instruments in school. Over time he has developed a great ear, and does most of the engineering tasks for Exit 21 and other projects. Log1k keeps it gutter, and to the point providing a strong verbal illustration to any song. Renny Rugah is a man that wears many hats including urban mc, R&B singer, studio engineer, and producer of almost any style of music. Al Dirty started out as a DJ and had a great sense on what people liked, and wanted. After awhile he began creating his own music, and developing his rhyme style now making him one of the top unsigned lyricists around.

The collective sound of Exit 21 is aggressive, and captivating, however they don’t have the typical east coast sound. As a group or individuals, they try to entertain the world not just their local area. The songs Paper Chase and GWOP let the world know they have the talent, the drive, and plan to be rewarded in this competitive business. My Bitch is a smooth serenade to the special thug mistress that help hold it down. These tracks are only brief samples of their abilities. As time goes on Exit 21 shall leave their mark for all to admire.

Exit 21 as a crew or individuals are here to bring back the true essence on how to rock the mic. Besides being artists they are producers, performers, and driven businessmen that have their eyes on success, rewards, and longevity. Thus this project is only the beginning of great things to come.

The world is now on notice: A new underground movement is upon us!

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