Hy·brid [ˈhīˌbrid] NOUN a thing made by combining two different elements;

Today's technology has made music easier to create, therefore there are more artists expressing their feelings, and thoughts to the world. Listeners complain that artists sound alike, and are not able to release albums that you can enjoy from beginning, to end. There is relief within an earshot as we bring you Midnite Da Dread with his latest project: The Hybrid.

The architect of The Hybrid, Midnite Da Dread was born in St. Thomas V.I. and was raised in the Miami Fl. area. Growing up in South Florida, he was exposed to many different cultures which has helped to shape his unique cadence, and sound. He took time to harness his ability, and skill, while performing on many stages, and venues throughout the southeast. Midnite Da Dread continued his musical journey out west recording, performing, and residing in the Los Angeles, and Phoenix Areas. It took Midnite Da Dread over two years to put this project together. “I could have easily put as many as three albums out within the same time span, but I wanted to release something that was musically, and lyrically strong, and could stand the test of time,” explained by Midnite Da Dread.

The Hybrid style, and sound is a gritty mash up of dancehall reggae, and hip hop. The collection of songs on this project are strong. The rhythms provide anthems for the club, something to drive to, or something to vibe to. The track Hollywood Hillz has a nice melodic feel that provides the background of life, pain, and a vision for tomorrow. Bezerk is the First single off of the album, guaranteed to catch your ear.

The Hybrid is a must listen musical experience that is engaging from the songs to the skits. Midnite Da dread has style from the islands, attitude from the streets and has created a soon to be classic album. We encourage you to smoke, sip, enjoy -Repeat..!!!

The Hybrid from Midnite Da Dread

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