Attention world!! REAL DIRTY is here, and you are now warned!!!!

To all that follow hip-hop prepare to witness a well-seasoned act that is intense and ready to turn the heat up in the Rap world. This CD is an open letter and will help to showcase their skills as lyrical pugilists and producers. Future projects by Real Dirty won’t be as gritty; however the heart and intensity will always be a staple of Real Dirty

Real Dirty is a twenty something two-member crew raised in the modest community of Roosevelt, NY. This area can be ghetto on one end, and affluent on the other, thus helping to define the nature of Realize & Al Dirty. Realize mesmerizes listeners with his slick, and slippery delivery flowing on any track put in front of him. Realize is also a producer that has studied music on various levels of life, obtaining skills on the keyboard, as well as a recording engineer. The Charismatic Al Dirty was introduced to music as a DJ in his pre-teens. As a turntable technician he learned what people wanted in both music and lyrics. Similar to his partner in rhyme, Al Dirty is also a producer creating vivid compositions using sound as a palate.

The collection of works compiled on this disk embodies only a small aspect of what Real Dirty is capable of. The four tracks focus on their hardcore freestyle persona. “Let’s get it on” is the thesis statement of the open letter. Real Dirty displays their tag team champion skills by harboring heart strong expression, and a sound that is eerie and unforgiving. To put the nail in the proverbial coffin, Real Dirty has the highly energized, yet takes no prisoners song “That’s me.” The next song “Dirty Party” has an old school laid back track that brings backs images of the red light, house party era. “It’s on me” is a solid club anthem that highlights a typical club night with Al Dirty and Realize.

This project is only the beginning. Real Dirty will continue to rhyme, shine, and solidly a spot in hip hop while putting Exit 21, Roosevelt, and LI back on the map.

The world is now on notice…

Real Dirty is here to stay.!!!!!!


NAME (S): AL DIRTY, Realize

REPRESENTING: Roosevelt L.I., & NYC metro area



CONTACT INFO: Iron Horse Music:

NEWS & NOTES: The hottest 2man team anywhere!!!! They Produce, perform, they
Do it all..are ya ready..!!

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